We started this business to express our passion for the EDM culture. We couldn't believe how gracious and accepting the EDM culture as a whole could be. We wanted to show our love to the world, and we figured that spreading our passion through clothes is the most efficient way. 

Currently, we are working on bringing our site up to speed, and beginning to make our first few designs on some clothes! We are beyond excited to serve the EDM culture, and we can't wait to attend all the different festivals and spread our love, as the EDM group has spread their love to us. 

Check out this site, and stay tuned for our future Rave Box!

We are also going to be donating a percentage of our earnings towards the mission of Sierra. Sierra is a foundation that promotes protections for public land, and advocates for the United States to transition to a clean energy economy. They also are trying to expand access to the outdoors across cultural and economic lines. You can read about where the donations will go at this site: http://www.sierraclubfoundation.org/about-tscf/mission